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Wednesday, 14 May 2014 07:39
Innovation, Resource Efficiency & Low Carbon                                                             October 19 - 22, 2014 I Arequipa, Peru Call for Read more...
Wednesday, 14 May 2014 07:15
Convocatoria a presentación de propuestas: "Cadenas de valor y sostenibilidad en américa latina" Plazo: 12 de mayo Ver Read more...
Wednesday, 14 May 2014 07:06
Profesor Rodrigo Arriagada integrará Comité Asesor de Programa de Economía Ambiental El Programa de Economía Ambiental para Latinoamérica y el Caribe (LACEEP, por sus siglas en inglés) invitó al académico de Agronomía UC a formar parte de su Advisory Commitee, cargo desde el cual apoyará investigaciones latinoamericanas que promuevan políticas públicas positivas en economía ambiental. Ver noticia completa: Read more...

The Black River Morass: Valuing Ecosystem Services in a Ramsar Protected Area

Authors: Maurice Mason
Abril, 2013

This paper aims to assess the long-term effects of global climate change on Brazilian agriculture. In particular, it will address the following questions: (i) What are the long-term effects of global climate change in terms of land values in the distinct Brazilian biomes?; and (ii) do these effects differ according to farm size? In order to answer these questions, the hedonic approach proposed by Mendelsohn et al. (1994) is estimated for Brazilian municipalities. 

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Input-Output Subsystems: Agro-Industrial CH4 and Services CO2 Emissions in Uruguay


Author: Matías Piaggio, Vicent Alcántara, Emilio Padilla 



This paper analyzes methane emissions of the agro-industrial subsystem and carbon dioxide emissions of the services sectors subsystem in Uruguay in 2004. The relationship of these subsystems with the rest of the economy is analyzed through input–output methodology employing a multiplicative decomposition. This is combined with an additive decomposition for the study of the linkages within them. This approach allows us to study the importance of these subsystems as units in the economic structure as well as to analyze in detail the relationship between the different branches in each of the subsystems. The results depict in which sectors mitigation policies are more effective, and if they would be better tackled through technical improvements and better practices, or through demand policies.


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Call for Proposals 2014 Round XVIII

Dates Products

Aug 01/14

Deadline for revised proposal

Sep 21-26/14

LACEEP’s XVIII Workshop (Mexico)

Sep 26-29/14 LACEEP’s XVIII Short course (Mexico)

Call for Proposals 2013 Round XVII

Dates Products

Mar 23-28/14

LACEEP'S XVII Workshop (Hotel Bougainvillea, Heredia, Costa Rica)

Mar 28-31/14

LACEEP'S XVII Short Course (Turrialba, Costa Rica)

Call for Proposals 2013 Round XVII

Mar 11/14 Preliminary proposal


Full proposal (10 pag)


Deadline for revised proposal

Sep/22-26/14 LACEEP's XVIII Workshop (to be defined)
Sep/26-28 LACEEP's XVIII Short Course (To be defined)